Playing Demeter in the world premier of HEPHAESTUS with Music Theatre of Madison

Hephaestus tells the story of the physically deformed, oft-forgotten Greek God of fire. Cast down to Earth by his mother, the jealous and powerful Hera, he reaches into his soul and identifies his strength as an artisan to win back his spot on Mount Olympus...where, it turns out, the "lame" God was one of the most powerful assets. Soaring contemporary music, beautiful costumes, and the Greek traditions of comedy and tragedy mesh together in this premiere that truly belongs to Madison. More info here!

Some new recording projects are in the works. Release coming soon!

James Madison Memorial High School

Emily is the new theatre director at Memorial High School in Madison, WI. Stay tuned for the fall play and winter musical announcements, as well as exciting events throughout the year to support this budding program!