A Little Night Music with Madison Opera

Emily Glick, playing the free-spirited maid Petra, has an ease on the stage and a sense of playfulness that draws the eye. “Miller’s Son,” Glick’s showcase, blends sensuality and lightning-quick diction. It’s a tour de force for her.
- The Cap Times


JUNO at TimeLine Theatre

"Her daughter, the brainy, romantic Mary (lovely Emily Glick, whose voice and manner is in the Jessie Mueller mode), is on strike at work. She also is busy fending off the fervent advances of Jerry Devine . . . who lacks the essential magic she sings about so beautifully in “I Wish It So.”" The Chicago Sun Times

"Emily Glick as Mary Boyle embodies the working class girl whose aspirations for something more inevitably leads to a poor choice. As the younger version of Juno, she places her hopes of a better life on the superficial Bentham, played by Peter Oyloe. Glick wonderfully disarms us with her youthful pretentiousness, and charm, while Bowling delightfully represents her eventual sense of autonomy and self-actualization, at the end of the drama, when Mary discards her father’s hat." - Irish American News